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Manzanilla Oro

Manzanilla Oro

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Lotion blondes the hair and gives it a natural and attractive shape - with chamomile extract - paraben-free - gradually lightening the hair: you choose the shape that suits you and you get permanent results - you just have to apply

General instructions for use: Sprinkle the Manzanilla Oro lotion on clean hair, then distribute the lotion substances to all hair using a plastic comb (do not use mineral) Focus on the roots and dark drying areas. Hair with sunlight or with a hair dryer increases the effect of bleaching.

CAUTION: If Manzanilla Oro was used for the first time, a test should be performed on a lock of hair. If the result is not clear enough, reapply the product every 2-3 days until you get the desired result.

Dark Hair: Apply Manzanilla Oro Lotion to wet hair. Then apply bleach to hair strands while avoiding scalp contact). It is necessary to wait two days between each application until the desired color is obtained.

Light hair Apply Manzanilla Oro lotion to wet hair. Each application must wait until the desired color has been obtained. 3 days between

Is it not necessary to clean hair after applying the product? But if you don't clean the hair, the lotion continues to work. Rinse hair. You can stop the product by cleaning the hair with shampoo. Good quality, soft and even shampoo should be used for blonde hair.

* Manzanilla Oro lotion is not considered a dye because it does not remove graying hair, but it can hide it in blonde hair while rinsing the hair color in general.

Precautions for use: Contains oxygenated water. Use appropriate gloves that may cause allergies. An allergy test is recommended (apply a little of the preparation on the arm forearm and then wait for 20 minutes). Clean the forearm with water. If no irritation occurs on the skin of the forearm after 24 hours, you can then use the product. The product should not be applied in case of irritation or damage to the skin. Avoid spraying the face, and do not use it to rinse eyebrows or eyelashes. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact with the eyes, clean it with water immediately. Store in a cool dry place with moderate temperature (below 40 ° C), away from sunlight. Keep away from children
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