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M. Asam

M. Asam Perfect Teint

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The silky texture of Perfect Teint lies in lines and wrinkles and fills them optically from the outside. The skin immediately appears smoothed and gains an even and perfectly matte complexion. An innovative peptide complex also fights the visible signs of skin aging over the long term. The transparent anti-ageing cream with an instant effect can be applied specifically to wrinkles or the whole face. Perfect Teint is suitable for every skin type and every age.

What's Special?

Colorless instant effect product to visibly minimize fine lines and wrinkles. Despite its active ingredients, it is not a skin care cream in the classic sense, and a serum or skin care cream should also be applied first. Cleansing removes the effect. The texture remains flexible.

Skin optimizer with an instant effect
Visibly conceals pores and wrinkles
Mattifying texture
For a visibly smoothed and even complexion
Innovative peptide complex